I Tried 5 Workout Hair Accessories to Keep My Bangs in Check

Hair crisis: averted. Workout: slayed.

When you're on the verge of crushing a workout-whether it's hitting that Insta-worthy Cobra Pose or reaching a new floor on the Stairmaster-the last thing you want to deal with is bangs getting into your eyes. Do not get me wrong, I absolutely love my bangs. They're a heavily recycled beauty look that has stayed with me since my earliest days in high school. Bangs offer the perfect cover-up for moments when my eyebrows are on caterpillar status, or when I'm not quite in the mood to show off my Tyra Banks-esque forehead. But my fringe can really put a wrench in my workout plans.

Albeit a little on the boring side, I usually throw my hair into a messy topknot and jump directly into my workout. But then my bangs are constantly falling into my eyes, meaning I have to stop the workout. Because if I do not, my bangs end up wet and stuck to my face. And as an African-American woman with naturally coil hair that I often wear flatironed straight, it's imperative for me to keep my pressed hair as far away from any moisture as possible.

Sweat can totally sabotage the results of a blowout, causing my straight bangs to curl up into coils. And I'm sure my hair does not appreciate that I've been using my favorite flatiron after each workout (eek!) To ensure every strand is still styled straight. There's got to be better (less damaging) way. To find a solution-and help other fringe fanatics fix their gym hair woes-I got a bunch of bang-taming hair accessories for working out and put them to the test. They are the coveted spot in my gym bag.

Amber Venerable

J. Crew x New Balance Headband

This nylon / lycra spandex headband is one of the most comfortable. It's made with interior grip dots for extra security, which helped it stay in place during my first-ever SoulCycle class. I could wear it for hours at a time without a "headband headache" -that pain you get when your headband is too tight. It also successfully wicked away my forehead sweat and kept my flatironed hair from a curling back up. Just a quick brush down with a paddle brush, and my bangs were as good as new. As an added plus, the headband is completely machine washable, which makes for easy maintenance.

Get it:J. Crew x New Balance Headband in Navy Ivory ($ 15, newbalance .com)

Amber Venerable

Goody Classics StayTight Barrettes

Through my Downward Facing Dog and Warrior Two poses at Sky Ting, Goody Classics StayTight Barrettes kept the bangs out of my face . The patterned 8-count pack offered a variety of colors / styles to choose from (I was partial to the metallic and faux tortoise shell clips), which helped jazz up my otherwise monotonous gym outfit of black and gray. I twisted my bangs straight These barrettes are not necessarily the easiest to open and close, but I think that they were in my hair, my bangs were not going anywhere. since I did not sweat too much, I was able to style my bangs post-class without using any hot tools. Just four fingers and a little tousle, and m y hair was back in business.

Get it:Goody Classics StayTight Barrettes Patterned, 8 Count ($ 11.71, walmart.com)

Amber Venerable

Save Your Do Gymwrap

I tried to save you! Club Pilates. One of the things I was lying on my back for much of the things. workout (those pilates machines are no joke), and almost forgot I was wearing the wrap in the first place, because it was so comfortable. to absorb sweat. While the wrap is successfully kept, my bangs at bay, I can not say the same for my curls. -top shape.

Get it: Save Your Do Gymwrap in Fuchsia & Camo ($24.99, sallybeauty.com)

Amber Venerable

Anthropologie Tortoise Hair Clip Set

Admittedly, I was a little apprehensive about trying o ut these adorable claw clips during a workout, but I figured if there's anything out there that will keep the hair right out of it. During my class at Rumble Boxing, I used three hair clips in varying sizes to hold back my bangs and a bun at my nape. (in the picture above)

While going all the way in on punching bags (not to brag, but my form is A1) , my hair never moved, except that my low bun transitioned to a ponytail somewhere between jump squats and weighted crunches. (As you can see in the picture above, I'll be going straight to the pony from now on.) Similar to the good hairy barrettes, my bangs were not trapped under any fabric curling up. Note: I would not recommend wearing these clips to a yoga or pilates class because they could be painful if you have to spend a lot of time lying on your back.

Get it:Anthropologie Tortoise Hair Clip Set in Neutral ($ 28, anthropologie.com)

Amber Venerable

Old Navy Performance Running Cap for Women

At the gym, I'm not typical of a hat girl. Old Navy's Performance Running Cap for Women during the session with my trainer at Crunch GymLightweight and really cute, this hat is the perfect accessory to not only keep hair out of your face, but also help to hide a not-so-great hair day. The Wearing is the best way to keep a woman alive. it was in the course of my workout caused by heat to build up the crown of my head, which caused my hair to curl up at the roots. days when I do not have a blowout to save anyway, you can bet I'll be rocking this cap in the weight room.

Get it: Old Navy Performance Running Cap for Women in Bright White ($12.94, oldnavy.com)